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Language points Unit 2 English around the world1. because because of I was late because it rained heavily.譯:他失敗是因為他懶惰。He failed because he was lazy. 連詞,后跟句子介詞短語,后跟名詞、代詞、動名詞或 what從句of the heavy rain.of his laziness.because 表示直接原因,回答why提問since 側重主句,從句表雙方都知道的理由as 主從并重,從句表原因,主句表結果 for 表附加或推斷的理由_____everyone is here, let’s began our meeting.We stayed at home ______ it rained.It must have rained last night, ___the ground is wet.____ it was late, we hurried home.SincebecauseforAs2. native adj1)本國的,本族的one’s native languagea native speaker of English2) (動植物)...地方特有的;原產的〈to〉These animals are native to Africa.※ go native 入境隨俗You’d better go native when you are in a foreign country.3. even if/though as if/thoughEven if/though he is poor, she likes him.When a stick is put into water, it looks as if it were broken.即使,縱然好像4. come up come up withvi (話題、議題)被提出來;走上來;產生 ,發生vt 提出(話題、議題、計劃答案等);追上,趕上A new idea came up at the meeting.He came up with a new idea.A child came up to me and showed me the way to the station.I’m afraid something urgent(緊急的) has come up.He tried to run fast but still couldn't come up with Tom.5. more than 遠超過,遠不止(+n/adj/adv/clause)Chinese is more than a language.He is more than our teacher, he is also our friend.Your work is more than perfect. far fromThe result was much more than he imagined.more... than... 與其說...不如說...She was more sad than angry when her son lied again.He is more a writer than a reporter.no more than... 僅僅,只不過not more than... 不多于,不超過no more ...than...=not... any more than...與...一樣 不...He is no more than an average(普通的) player. It takes no more than an hour. It takes not more than an hour.I’m no more satisfied than she is.= I’m not satisfied any more than she is.我和她一樣不滿意。He is no more a good player than I am.= He is not a good player any more than I am. 他和我一樣不是好球員。6. over time Our goal will not be achieved overnight, but it can come true over time.我們的目標不可能在一夜之間實現,它需要時間。 It begins slowly and becomes worse over time. 它通常開始時發展緩慢,然后越來越嚴重。 1)(時間上)在...期間Over the next few days, they got to know the town very well.拓展:over隨著時間的推移We will discuss it over lunch.The girls sang over their work.They had a pleasant chat over a cup of coffee.2)從一邊到另一邊They ran over the grass.3) 越過He climbed over the wall.He looked over his shoulder and found a man (was) following him.What did she actually say?Actually/In fact/As a matter of fact, I was not wrong.in factas a matter of fact8. base...on/upon... be based on/uponI base my hope on that good news.This movie is based on/upon historical facts.以...為基礎,根據...把...基于....7. 實際上,事實上actually(放句首或句中,句首時常用逗號隔開)位于句首,逗號隔開。9. present 1) adj 現在的,此刻的at the present time/day 現在,當今The present chairperson is a woman.2) adj 在場的,出席的(present absent)Those (who were) present were all college students.。省略部分。people were present at the party.3) vt [pri?z?nt]提交present a new report頒發present a prize to sb展現present a new image展現新形象=present sb with a prize10. especially Our garden is beautiful, especially in autumn.I came here specially to see you.The flowers are specially for you.特別地,尤其(表程度的加深)專門地(強調目的性)specially11. latter adj. 后者的,后半的 the latter 10 days of July the latter half of July※ the latter 后者(的) the former 前者(的)I prefer the latter painting to the former.Of the two, the former is more expensive than the latter.七月的最后十天七月的下半月12. 列舉:列舉部分列舉全部列舉后無逗號,直接跟名詞代詞等,不可跟句子。位置靈活,后可跟句子。不與and so on或者etc連用。that is(后常有逗號)namely (后面沒有逗號)such as:for example:She visited several cities in china,____________, Beijing and Shanghai.He does very well in sports and games, swimming,_____________. Many great men _________Lincoln and Edison have risen from poverty.She visited two cities in china,______________, Beijing and Shanghai.for examplefor examplesuch asnamely/that is13. the number of +名復 a number of +名復The number of the students in our class ____ very large.A number of students in our class _____ very tall. “...的數量”“許多”+謂單+謂復isare14. tell 區別,辨別(與can, could, be able to 連用;常用于疑問、否定句)I can tell the twins apart.Can you tell the difference between BE and AE?I wonder if you are able to tell him from his twin brother.15. command vt. 命令The policeman commanded him to stop.She commanded that the prisoners (should)be set free.2) n. 命令 指揮;掌握give commandsThe army is under the king’s command.She has a good command of English.He commanded that all the doors_____.A should shut B would be shut C shut練一練發出命令D be shut16. request n/v 請求,要求She made a request for some water.Gentlemen are requested not to smoke.I requested that he (should) come an hour earlier.17. play a part/role in play the part/role of His father plays an important part/role in his success. She played a part/role in his new play. She played the part/role of Hamlet in the play.在...中扮演一個角色;起作用扮演...的角色18. recognize vt. 辨認出;承認;認可He recognized my handwriting easily.I must recognize that I’m not fit for the post.He is recognized as/to be one of the greatest poets in the 20th century.19. blockn. (木、石等) 塊;街區(四面臨街的一大片建筑物)a block of icethe entire block2)堵塞,封鎖His nose is blocked by the snow.(road) Blocked! 一大塊冰整個街區此路不通(用于告示)20.direction n.方向。常和介詞in連用,不能用toe.g. She drove off in the direction of London. She turned and looked in the other direction.2)(常用復數)指引,指導,說明,指示,吩咐e.g. Follow the directions for the use of the medicine.拓展:direction前有形容詞時用不定冠詞,無形容詞時用定冠詞the,前面用介詞ine.g. They went in an easterly direction/the direction of the east.延伸:give directions 給予指示in all directions 四面八方,各方面in every direction 向各方面,向四面八方in the direction of 朝。。。方向under the direction of 在。。。指導下directions for use 用法說明from all directions 從四面八方a sense of direction 方向感follow the directions for the use of… 按照。。。的使用說明
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