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Grammar 介詞和介詞短語介詞是高考中的一個重要考點,在連續六年的廣東高考中都有專門考查介詞的,占語法填空的五分之一。主要考點有:考點解密…the villagers who had gathered around me were arguing as to who should have the honour of receiving me ______a guest in their house. (2007NMET)思路分析:句意是“把我作為客人接待”,表示“當作,作為”用介詞as。asI wanted to reward the old woman ______the trouble I had caused her. (2007NMET)思路分析:句意是“我想酬謝我給她造成了麻煩的那個年邁的婦女?!?表示“因……而酬謝/報答某人”,是reward sb. for sth,即用for引出原因,故填for。類似的還有thank you sb. for sth; praise sb. for sth.; punish sb. for sth.forHe was very tired _______ doing this for a whole day... (2008NMET廣東)思路分析:累了必定是在干了一整天活之后,故填after;另外,表示“因……而累”,be tired from也是固定短語,故也可填from。Be tired of 對……厭倦I am tired of living abroad. 我對生活在國外感到厭倦了。after/fromChinese proverbs are rich and they are still widely used in Chinese people’s daily life. _____ these proverbs there are often interesting stories. (2008NMET廣東)思路分析:因these proverbs是名詞,且不是作主語、賓語、表語等,前面很可能是填介詞;句意是“在中國的這些成語故事的背后常常有有趣的故事”,表示“在……背后”,用介詞behind。Behind/InJane stopped where a small crowd of men had gathered. She found some good quality pipes ______ sale. (2009)因表示“出售”的on sale是固定搭配。 onWhen Jane got home, with her small but well-chosen present in her bag, her parents were already _____ table having supper. Her mother was excited. “Your father has at last decided to stop smoking,” Jane ________(inform). (2009NMET廣東)at was informedHis teacher took a deep drink,smiled_________(warm), and thanked his student very much for the sweet water.The young man went home__________a happy heart.(2010廣東) We understand this lesson best _____ we receive gifts of love from children. Whether it is a cheap pipe on a diamond necklace, the proper response is appreciation. We love the idea within the gift rather than the thing. warmlywithwhen I didn’t want to be laughed at for talking to him but I didn’t like leaving him__ 23__his own either.(2011廣東)...the new boy looked at the teacher __ 23__ a few seconds ...(2012廣東)onfor1. 什么情況下可能是填介詞?我們首先必須知道兩點:(1)介詞必須要接賓語,其賓語可以是名詞、代詞、動名詞,或者what從句;(2)名詞、代詞或動名詞在句中通常作主語、動詞的賓語、介詞的賓語。因此,我們在解答語法填空時,若空格后是名詞、代詞或動名詞時,且他們不是在句中作主語,也不是在動詞后作賓語時,這個格空就很可能是填介詞。解題技巧2. 應該填哪個介詞?在判斷可能填介詞之后,要根據具體的語境來確定填哪個介詞,特別是根據空格所在句子的意思來選擇一個恰當的介詞。第一類:和時間有關的介詞 1. in at on1) __ the day 2) __ the evening 3) __ daybreak 4) __ midnight5)__ six o'clock 6) __ dusk7) __ a cold day 8) __ a summer evening9) __ Sunday 10) __ December 12th 2009早、晚 都要用inat 黎明、午、夜、點與分on在特定的某一天或某天的上午,下午,晚上等ininatatatatonononon 注:1)__ weekends 2)__ Christmas/ Easter3)__ May 4) __ a week 5)__ the fall6) He will come back ___ ten days7) _____ arriving, we started to work.8)He jumped with joy____ hearing the news. 在周末和泛指圣誕節、復活節、感恩節等前用at說到星期,月份,季節,世紀等較長的時間時,要用in在將來時中,in加一段時間表示多久以后 on+ doing “一…就….”= on +該動詞的名詞形式 atatininininonOn2. before / after ; ago / later 1) _______ supper 2) ________1970 3) _______ coming to college4) A week _______ 5) a minute _______6) Ten days _______ before, after表時。省略部分。______ foot/horseback2. over/through/with/by/in He was writing ______ a pencil. We see _____ our eyes. _____ hand/ _____ ink/_____ the radio/ ________ the telescopeby on inwithwithbyinoverthroughbyonat/for/with I am angry _____ her words. He went red _____ excitement. She is often afraid to speak in public ____shame.2. because of/due to/ thanks to Mistakes _____ carelessness may have serious consequences. ___________ your help, I have great progress. I am late __________ the heavy rain. at/aboutwithfordue toThanks tobecause of作定語或表語作狀語,位于句首或句尾多用于句首besides, except, except for, but/apart fromWe need fifteen more people ________ our team to do the job._________a desk or two, the classroom was empty. She seldom talked of anything ______ painting. ______ his wife, his daughter also went swimming.We all attended the meeting ______ Xiao Li.There is no one here ______ Mary and Tom. Who _____ a fool would do such a thing?besidesExcept forbutBesidesexceptbutbutbesides also,another,more,other,else,tooexcept 句末 except for句首或句末but句末every, any, all, everybody, anything, anywhere, nobody, no, none/who, what, where注意:有些時間名詞前不接介詞。如:next day / last Sunday / that morning / these yearsone、each、any、every、some、all修飾時,一般不用介詞, 如some day / one day1. Let’s learn to use the problem we are facing ______ a stepping-stone to future success.2. Fred entered without knocking and, very out of breath, sank _______ a chair.3. ---Why do you suggest we buy a new machine? ---Because the old one has been______ repair. as intobeyond4. You have no idea how she finished the relay race ____ her foot wounded so much.5. — When did you last hear ______ Jay? — He phoned me this morning, and we agreed ______ a time and place to meet.6. I like Mr. Miner’s speech; it was clear and ______ the point.Nowadays a lot of adults go to evening schools _____ further education.8. If you really have to leave during the meeting, you’d better leave___ the back door.withfromontoforby9. I began to feel _____ home in the new school when I saw some familiar faces.10. The two sportsmen congratulated each other ___winning the match by shaking hands.11. A great man shows his greatness ______ the way he treats little men.12. By nine o’clock, all the Olympic torch bearers had reached the top of Mount Qomolangma, _____ which appeared a race rainbow soon.aton by aboveElizabeth has already achieved success _______ her wildest dreams.14. Between the two generations, it is often not their age, _____ their education that causes misunderstanding.15. Some people choose jobs for other reasons _________ money these days.16. _____ the silence of the pauses, we could hear each other’s breathing and could almost hear our own heartbeats.17. This is a junior school. You should go to a senior school _____ girls of your age. beyond but besides In for
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