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人教版高中英語Book8 Unit3 Using Language 課件.ppt

'人教版高中英語Book8 Unit3 Using Language 課件.ppt'
Using language ReadingAlexander Graham BellDo you know the following scientists and what things they invented? Match the following two columns.GalileoEinsteinNewtonWattEdisonAlexander graham Belltelephone telescopesteam enginebulbTheory of RelativityNewton’s lawAlexander Graham Bell was an inventor that lived between 1819 and 1905. He was born in Scotland and later lived in the U.S. He spent much of his career teaching the deaf. Have you ever wondered why telephone companies often have the word "Bell" as part of their name? Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876 - and this is the phone company's way of honoring his achievement! The very first phone call was from Bell to his lab assistant, and he said "Mr. Watson, come here at once. I want you." 1. Read the passage quickly and find out the main idea of it. It mainly talks about the life of Alexander Graham Bell and how he made the great inventions.2. Read the passage quickly and find out the main idea of every paragraph.Para.1Para.6Para.7life information,interestHow was the telephone invented?a continuing searcherPara.2Para.3Para.4Para.5curiostyimportance of his invention-telephonethe first telephone messagea new discovery-the tetrahedron shapeSkimming:Reading for details:Para. 1. What is his interest when he was young? And why?He became interested in helping deaf people communicate and in education. Because his mother was entirely deaf.He believed that his curiosity was the key to his success.(… one should always be curious…)Para.2. What did he think was the key to his success as an inventor?How can you understand the sentence “ All really big discoveries are the result of thought.” Explain it.Bell never_________ to invent the telephone and what he was trying to design was a_________. The original telegraph sent a message _____ distances using Morse code. But only one message could ____ at a time. One day as he was experimenting _____ a straw ________ (join to) a deaf man’s ear, Bell noticed that when he spoke _____ the ear, the straw drew waves on a piece of ________ (smoke) glass. Suddenly he had a_____ of ________.If sound waves could be reproduced ___ a moving electric current, they could be sent _____ a wire. In searching to ______the telegraph, Bell invented the first telephone.set outtelegraphovergo withjoined tointosmokedflashinspirationinalongimprovePara.3.How was the telephone invented? aim :want to improve…designed a machine…experimented with…noticed…suddenly had a flash of inspiration:invented…In searching to improve the telegraph, Bell invented the first telephone!By chancePara.4 What is the importance of his invention?Friends will talk to each other without leaving home.Para. 5 What is the first telephone message?“Mr Watson- come here-I want to see you.”Para. 6 What is his new discovery? How did he discover?The tetrahedron shape.While searching for a kite strong enough to carry a man into the air, Bell experime。省略部分。ellTrue or false statementsAlexander was interested in deaf education because of his mother.At beginning Bell planned to invent a telephone.The original telegraph could only send one message at a time.Bell invented the first telephone when he was improving the telegraph.Bell used the first telephone to send message as soon as the patent was given.Bell is a curious man.TFTTFTRead the passage and answer the questions:What does Bell's saying mean to you?What do you think led to his success as an inventor of the telephone?What inventions did Bell make?Why will he always be known as the inventor of the telephone?2. What do you think led to his success as an inventor of the telephone?1. What does Bell's saying mean to you?His curiosity and exploring spirit led to his success as an inventor of the telephone.His saying means that it is important to be experimental. By being curious and exploring around a subject you may by chance come up with some new and original ways of solving a problem. 3. What inventions did Bell make?Bell invented the telephone and the tetrahedron shape by chance. Both of these are extremely useful and still used today.4. Why will he always be known as the inventor of the telephone?He will always be known as the inventor of the telephone because it was a very popular invention and the patent made the most money ever.be curious about sthevery timebe certain to dofollow it/sth upset out to doa moving electrical currentbe aware ofa man to restA flash of inspiration對…感到好奇每次肯定把…追究到底開始做運動的電流知道;意識到閑著的人靈機一動Phrases:Translation 1. He found that by pressing his lips against his mother’s forehead, he could make his mother understand what he was saying 他發現當他把嘴唇放在母親的前額上,就可以使她聽懂他所說的話。2. You will have something worth thinking about to occupy your mind. 你就會發現某種值得思考的東西占據著你的頭腦。3 It was this exploring around problems and his dynamic spirit that led to his most famous invention—the telephone in 1876.4. Bell never set out to invent the telephone and what he was trying to design was a multiple telegraph. 正是這種對問題的探索和富有活力的精神造就了他那最著名的發明—1876年的電話. 貝爾并非一開始就想要發明電話的,他本來想設計的東西是多路電報.This interest led him to invent the microphone. 5 One day as he was experimenting with a straw joined to a deaf man’s ear, bell noticed that when he spoke into the ear, the straw drew sound waves on a piece of smoked glass.6. In searching to improve the telegraph, Bell invented the first telephone!有一天做實驗,他把一根干草的一端和一個聾子的耳鼓膜連接起來,貝爾注意到干草煙熏過的玻璃上產生聲波振動.在探求改進電報的過程中,貝兒發明了第一臺電話機!Leave the beaten track occasionally and dive into the woods.7. Bell was fully aware of the importance of his invention.8. Being very stable, it has proved invaluable in the design of bridges.9. Although he will always be known for his invention of the telephone, he was in truth a continuing searcher after practical solutions to improve the quality of everybody’s life.貝爾完全懂得這項發明的重要性.(四面體)十分穩定牢固, 在橋梁設計領域的價值難以估量。雖然他一直以發明電話聞名于世, 但是他的確是一個永不停息的探索者, 不斷尋求著改善人們生活質量的可行方法。
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