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人教版高中英語選修八課件:U1 Grammar.ppt

'人教版高中英語選修八課件:U1 Grammar.ppt'
名詞性從句名詞 性從句1.主語從句2.賓語從句3.表語從句4.同位語從句導I always dream that I can enter a key university.That I can enter a key university is my dream.My dream is that I can enter a key university.I have a dream that I can enter a key university. 賓 從主從表語從句同位語從句我的夢想是能進入一所重點大學。1.When we will start is not clear. 2. She won’t believe that her son has become a thief. 3. My idea is that we should do it right now. 4. We heard the news that our team had won. 主 從賓從表從同從 I. 名詞性從句的引導詞:思從屬連詞連接代詞連接副詞that(無詞義), whether, if (是否)what, who, whom, whose, which, whoever, whatever, whicheverwhen, where, how, why有詞義,但不做成分有詞義,做主,賓,表,定語有詞義,做狀語成分Conjunctions of Noun Clauses(引導名詞性從句的關聯詞):1 看成分 2 看句意做題三步曲:步驟一:首先分清主句和從句。步驟二:分析從句缺何種成分。無詞義且不做成份則填_________;有詞義且表“是否”用__________;有詞義且作主/賓/表/定則填_____________________________;有詞義作狀語成分則填__________________步驟三:根據分析,選擇恰當的連詞突破方法thatwhetherwhat, who, whom, whose, which, whoever, whatever, whicheverwhen, where, why,how, 名詞 性從句1.主語從句2.賓語從句3.表語從句4.同位語從句That they are good at English is known to us all.=____________________________________。劃線部分是_______從句。that從句做主語時,為避免頭重腳輕, 常用_______作形式主語代替主語從句①It is a fact _______he won the match.②It is necessary _______we study English well.③It is known to all _______light travels in straight lines.④It seemed_______he would come here.It is known to us all that they are good at English.主語itthatthatthatthat基本句型結構常用詞語It is + 名詞 +that 從句It is + 形容詞 + that 從句It is + 過去分詞 + that 從句It + 不及物動詞 + that 從句It is a fact/a shame/a pity/no wonder/good news/…that…It is necessary/strange/important/possible/likely/…that…這類主語從句中,謂語動詞常為(should)+動詞原形It is said/reported/decide/known/…that…It seemed/happened/doesn’tmatter/has turned out/…that…1)That they will come ______certain.2)What he wants _____ some water. 3)What he wants _____these books. isisare主語從句中的主謂一致:主語從句通常被看作一個整體,主句的謂語動詞用_______形式.What 引導主語從句時,主句謂語動詞的單復數由__________________________決定.單數be動詞后表語的單復數名詞 性從句1.主語從句2.賓語從句3.表語從句4.同位語從句                                              賓語從句一個句子在復合句中充當賓語就叫賓語從句。e.g. Do you know _________he is ? I’m glad ______you have passed the exam . I don’t know _________you are willing to help me . I’ m sorry for _________ I have said. 我為我說的話表示歉意。賓語從句一般置于_______、_______、_______這三類詞后。where(that)whether (if)what動詞介詞形容詞(二) 賓語從句2. that引導賓語從句時不充當任何成分,經常省略___________;但動詞后有多個that引導的賓從,只有第一個that可省略。在insist_________________________________________等動詞后,賓語從句常用___________。1) I truly believe __________beauty comes from within.2) The commander ordered that the soldier ___________(set) off at once.advise, suggest, order, command, require, request (should) setthat(should) + V 原形that①I consider _____ necessary that we take plenty of boiled water every day.②He makes _____a rule to go for a walk before breakfast.③I hate that when people laugh at the disabled.(改錯)2. 當動詞find, _____________________________后有賓語補足語時,需要用_____作形式主語。 itititfeel, think,。省略部分。embecome,turn,growkeep, rest, remain, stay, lay, stand,keep,stay,prove, turn out① It looks as if it ____ going to rain. ②It seems _________if he doesn’t know the answer. ③ She looks as if she _________ten years younger. ④The thick smog covered the whole city. It seemed as if a great blanket _________________(throw) over it.2.表語從句有連接詞as if\ though,意為_________,引導表語從句常跟在系動詞(如:_____________________________________)之后。若表語從句所述是非真實情況,從句用______語氣;若所述的是事實或極可能發生的情況,從句用______語氣。isaswerehad been thrown好像;仿佛seem;appear; look;state;sound, feel smell陳述虛擬對現在虛擬時,that從句中謂語用過去時對過去虛擬時,用had+過去分詞對將來虛擬時,用would (might等)+動詞原形請你歸納3.表語從句特殊句式(because/why引導的表語從句)①He was sent to the hospital. That’s_________ he was ill.②He was ill. That’s _________ he was sent to the hospital.③The reason_________he was sent to the hospital was _________ he was ill.這/那是因為.......:這/那就是.......的原因:The reason why ......is/was that..... becausewhywhythatThis/That/It is/was because+原因This/That/It is/was way+結果.....的原因是.....請你歸納 注意1:連接詞: that 與 what 的區別①_______ he said so made us angry . ② _________ he said made us angry.① That he needs to get rid of smoking is your help. ( )② What he needs to get rid of smoking is your help. ( )③ All that he needs to get rid of smoking is your help. ( )what 在從句中 _______________________成分,意為: _______________, ______省略。 that 在從句中 ________ 成分,只起連接作用,無實際意義,有時 ________ 省略。 請你歸納ThatWhat作主、賓、表......的不可不作可以 注意2:連接詞: whether 與 if 的區別①We’ re worried about ________ he is safe. ②I don’ t know ___________ he is well or not.③He asked me ____________ to go skating. ④____________ this is true, I can’t say.⑤The question is ___________ he will come.)只用whether不用if的情況: ①whether可引導___________ 從句,if只能引導_________從句、②______________________ 、 ③_______________________ 、④ ____________________請你歸納whetherwhether所有的名詞性介詞后賓語賓從提前時 與or not 連用時whetherwhetherwhether 四、檢(高考鏈接)名詞性從句的運用檢1) She asked me _________I had returned the books to the library, and I admitted that I hadn’t.(2017.天津) 2) Every year, _________makes the most beautiful kite will win a prize in the Kite Festival. (2017.北京).3) _______we understand things has a lot to do with what we feel.(2015.北京).4) The most pleasant thing of the rainy season is _______one can be entirely free from dust.(2016.北京)5) Recently, I asked her __________gave her the confidence to keep challenging the status quo(現狀)(2016.浙江)whether/ifwhoeverHowthatwhat/who1)My uncle is the owner of a restaurant close to that I live.(2016.全國卷I)2) Jane moved aimlessly down the tree-lined street, not knowing what she was heading.3)The summer holiday is coming. My classmates and I are talking about how to do during the holiday.(2016.全國卷II)4) After looking at the toy for some time, he turned around and found where his parents were missing.(2015.全國I)5) I didn’t know that whether the woman was alone, but I grew up with my mother supporting us four kids alone.wherewherewhatthatThank you
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