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人教版英語九年級unit 1sectionA第一講課件.ppt

'人教版英語九年級unit 1sectionA第一講課件.ppt'
unit 1 How can we become good learners?searching information in the internetdiscussing in groupsreading at nightexchanging ideasAny other ways to be a good learner? 新單詞pronunciation 發音flashcard 抽認卡vocabulary 詞匯conversation n. 交談;談話 aloud adv. 大聲地;出聲地pronunciation n. 發音;讀音 look up (in) 查閱,抬頭看repeat v 重復,重做note n. 筆記;v.注意,指出 patient /peisnt/ adj.有耐心的 n.病人expression n. 表達方式,表情discover v. 發現secret n/adj. 秘密(的)fall in love with 愛上 grammar n 語法sentence n.句子 句型操練:跟讀Work in pairs. Ask your partner how he or she studies for a test.eg: A: How do you study for a test? B: I study by working with a group+1234by makingflashcards by working with friends by asking the teacher for help by reading aloud by+Ving 用法( 1)by①—How do you study for a test? I study by working with a group.② We usually go to school by bike.③English is spoken by many people.by的意思是“通過……的方式”時,后接 ;當表示“乘坐”時,后跟 ;它還可以表示 ,用于被動語態,引導出動作的發出者。跟蹤練習 1) He goes to school bike. A. by B. on C. in D. at2)-- How do you study English so well? By lots of books.A. read B. look C. watching D. reading aloud / loud/ loudly 辨析1.aloud adv.出聲地;大聲地。常與read/call等詞連用,不用于比較級;Don’t read aloud in the library. 2.loud adv. 高聲地;大聲地;喧鬧地。指說話聲和笑聲,常與talk/speak/laugh/sing等詞連用,常用于比較級;We can’t hear you. Please speak louder.3.loudly高聲地;喧鬧地??梢院蚻oud互換,但含有“吵鬧”的意思,不悅耳。I feel very annoyed when they argue loudly.練習 :①老師要求我大聲朗讀課文。The teacher asked me to the text .②請大聲點說,以便我能聽清楚。Please so that I can hear you clearly.③不要這么大聲,嬰兒在睡覺。Don’t so . The baby is sleeping. voice/noise /sound 辨析(1)voice 多指人說話嗓音、唱歌、鳥的叫聲。(2)noise n → noisy adj. 吵鬧的 指不悅耳的吵鬧聲 如嘈雜聲、噪音等 make a noise制造噪音(3)sound ①n 泛指人聽到的任何聲音。② v 聽起來There was a loud ________ outside the classroom. The physics teacher had to raise his __________: “ Light travels much faster than __________”.( ) ① At the foot of Wulian Mountains, you can hear the ____ of running water. A. sound B. noise C. voice D. silence( ) ②–Do you like the song You and Me? --Of course. It ____ great. A. sounds B. looks C. smells( )③ Oh, my god! The kids are making too much ____ here. I can’t do anything. A. sound B. voice C. noise D. footstep1.提建議的方法(1)What about sth ?=How about sth? ….怎么樣?(2)Why don’t you do sth? 為什么不呢?=why not do?(3)Let’s 讓我們一起做某事吧。(4)Shall we/I do sth?我們做…好嗎?(5)You’d better (not)do sth 最好做/不做某事(6) Will/Would you please do sth 請你做…好嗎?(7)would you like to do sth.你想去做某事嗎?(8)Would you mind (doing)sth?你介意做某事嗎?回答(1). 同意對方的建議時,一般用:◆Good idea./ That’s good idea. 好主意◆OK/ All right./ Great 好/ 行/太好了 ◆Yes, please ./ I’d love to 是的/ 我愿意 ◆ I agree with you 我同意你的看法 ◆ No problem 沒問題 ◆Sure/ Of course/ Certainly 當然可以 ◆Yes, I think so 對,我也這樣想(2).對對方的幫助或要求表示委婉謝絕時,一般用:◆ I don’t think so 我認為不是這樣 ◆Sorry, I can’t 對不起,我不能 ◆I’d love to, but…◆ I’m afraid我愿意,但恐怕……中考真題演練26.---Would you like to play basketball with us this afternoon? ---________,but my mother is ill. A. I don’t care B.It’s very nice of you C. Of course not D.My pleasure生詞、短語檢測根據首字母及漢語提示完成句子。1.It’s really difficult for me to d_______ (發現)the regular of language learning.2. When he first watched an English movie called Harry Porter, he _________(愛上) in love with this interesting and funny movie.3.What is the s______(秘訣) to learning English better?4.When you watch English movies, the actor’s body language and the ________(表達) on their faces can help you understand the movie better.
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unit 1sectiona 第一 sectiona 九年 英語 講課
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