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Language Points shake vi. / vt. (shook, shaken) (P25)*The whole house shook during the explosion.*The explosion shook the house.*Please shake the bottle before taking.*The host shook hands with all the guests.*Nothing can shake our determination to overcome the difficulty.*They were badly shaken by the news. shake hands with sb. shake one’s headright away: at once ; immediately * I am getting in touch with him right away.rise (rose, risen) vi. (Para 1, Line 2)rise vi.: 升起;上升; 上漲 (不能用于被動語態)raise vt.: 舉起 ; 使升起; 提高 (可用于被動語態) * The flood has risen two feet.* She usually rises early in the morning.* He raised a heavy box over his head.* We must raise the living standard of the people .* Food prices are still rising.* He raised the child from the ground.* The child rose from the ground.smelly adj. 發臭的 (Para 1, Line 3)n.+y adj.wind----windy dream----dreamy ice----icysun----sunny cloud----cloudy rain----rainyblood---bloody greed---greedy taste---tasty too+adj.+to do sth. =so+adj.+that-clause (否定)* This book is too difficult for me to read.=This book is so difficult that I can not read. burst n. (Para 1, L7)* There is a burst in the water pipe. burst vi. (burst, burst)* When he was riding, the tire burst.* The house burst into flames.* The girl burst into tear.=The girl burst out crying. burst into+sth.=burst out+doing sth. as usual 照常,慣常 (Para1, Line 8)* As usual, it rained on my birthday.* As usual, he wanted to be first. seem link-v. 看來; 似乎; 好像(Para 2, Line 1)* It seems that he is lying.=He seems to be lying.* I seem to have seen her before.=It seems that I have seen her before. seem to do sth.=It seems that-clause at an end 結束; 終結* The long hot summer was at last at an end.* The war is at an end.* At the end of the road you’ll find a shop.* He is at the end of his patience.* The meeting came to an end at midnight. lie vi. (lay, lain) 處于某種狀態 (Para 2, Line 5)* These machines have lain idle since the factory closed.* I lay awake for about ten minutes. lie-lied-lied lying lie-lay-lain lying lay-laid-laid laying be/lie in ruins n. 毀壞* An earthquake left the whole town in ruins.* His career is in ruins. ruin v. 損壞,毀滅* The fire ruined the house.vi.說謊vi. 躺;位于vt. 擱;下蛋 two-thirds (para 2, Line 6) 分子用基數詞(one, two…), 分母用序數詞 (first, second…), 當分子超過1時, 分母的詞尾加s 1/6 one-sixth 1/3 one-third 3/5 three-fifths 235two and three fifths1/2 a half; one half1/4 one fourth; a quarter; one quarter injure v. 受傷 (para 2, Line 6)* He fell of the bicycle and injured his arm.* Smoking will injure your health.* She was seriously injured in an accident. number n. (para 2, Line 7)* The number of people applying has increased this year.* We。省略部分。滅了。不是所有的希望都破滅了。所有的希望都沒有破滅。 all not = not all (some but not all) 一些,但不是全部* Not all the boys left.(=Only some of them left.)* Not all the children are noisy. (=Some of the children are not noisy.) none 全部否定* None of us were/was allowed to go there. dig out (dug, dug; digging)* Let’s dig out the roots.* He was buried by the snow and had to be dug out.* Why did you dig out all these old magazines? the dead 死去的人 the+adj. 表一類人或物(復數意義)* the blind, the deaf, the sick, the poor, the rich, the old, the young to 在境外, 表方向 in 在境內, 表范圍內 on 與境界相接, 表接壤AAABBB* Japan lies ___ the east of Asia.* Japan lies ___ the east of China.* China faces the Pacific ___ the east.intoonTangshan’s new lookMy problemsIdeas for improvementWhat I like EnglishMy future with EnglishListeningListen toBBC / VOA Listen to music and moviesHelp me realize my dreamWriting Practise making sentencesEnjoy original worksWords Memorize new wordsTravel My Experience of Learning English judge n./v.* Her father works as a judge.* I can’t judge whether he’s right or wrong.* Don’t judge a person by his looks.* Judging from his accent, he must be from Hunan. honour n./v.* He is an honour to our school.* A party was given in honour of the guests.* The hero is honoured by all in the country. Answer keys for “Discovering useful structures”Ex. 2 on Page 281 who/that2 (that/which)3 which/that4 whose5 whoseGrammar 定語從句 The Attributive Clause Titanic is a ship. It was the most beautiful in the world at that time.Titanic is the ship which was the most beautiful in the word at that time.TitanicRoseJackRose is a lady.She met Jack on Titanic.Rose is the lady who met Jack on Titanic.The Heart of Ocean is a diamond.It was worn by RoseThe Heart of Ocean is the diamond which was worn by Rose.the Heart of Ocean 引導定語從句關系代詞的用法: that which who whom whose 1. that 在從句中作主語或賓語,指人和物 1)A plane is a machine that can fly.(主語)2)The noodles that I ate were delicious.(賓語)2. which 在從句中作主語或賓語,指物1) They planted the trees which didn’t need much water. (主語)2) The fish which we bought were not fresh. (賓語)3. who 在從句中作主語或賓語,指人 whom在從句中作賓語,指人 1) The foreigner who visited our school yesterday is from Canada.(主語)2) The person to whom you just talked is Mr. Li. (賓語)1) This is the book whose cover is blue.4. whose 在從句中作定語,指人或物2) Miss Flower is the teacher whose house caught fire last week. that和which在指物的情況下一般都可以互換, 但在下列情況下, 一般用that而不用which。I am sure she has something (that) you can borrow.I’ve read all the books that are not mine. This is the first book (that) he has read.This is the very book that belongs to him.(1) 先行詞為all, everything, nothing, something, anything, little, much 等不定代詞時。(2)先行詞被all, every, no, some, any, little, much等 修飾時。(3)先行詞被序數詞或最高級修飾時。(4)先行詞被the only, the very, the same, the last修飾時。NOTE
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