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?2016中考英語作文范文(2016東營) 在你的成長過程中,父親一定做了許多令你感動或印象深刻的事情。父親節就要到了,Teen Times雜志正在組織感恩父親征文活動,請以“Father and Me”為題寫一篇英語短文,參加本次活動。內容包括:1. 描述一件發生在父親和你之間的事情;2. 你的感受或對你的影響;3. 表達對父親的愛和感激之情。要求:1. 80-100詞;2. 文中不得出現真實姓名及校名。Father and MeMy father is 41 years old. He is a worker. He goes to work every day including most of Saturdays and Sundays. I used to think my father didn’t care for me. But one thing changed my mind.One Sunday, I was sad because of another “C”in English. At that time my father invited me to climb a mountain. Soon I felt tired and wanted to give up. My father encouraged me and gave me a hand when necessary. At last, we got to the top. Then I found the way up wasn’t so hard. Suddenly, I understood: Stick to your dream and you can do it. That was what my father wanted to teach me. Thank you, Dad! I will never give up my study and will try my best to study harder!(2016江西) 書包伴我學習,伴我成長,某英文報以“My Schoolbag”為題,舉辦中學生征文活動。請根據下列的圖表信息,寫一篇短文。內容包括:書包的外形特征、用途和書包背后的課業問題以及課余你期望做的事情。提示:1. 短文應包括圖表中的全部信息,條理清楚,行文連貫,段落分明;2. 短文中不能出現真實的人名和地名;3. 詞數不少于80,開頭已給出,不計入總次數。My SchoolbagI have a schoolbag. It is used for carrying the school things, such as books, pens and so on. It looks like a luggage which always accompanies me in the world of knowledge.My schoolbag is always by my side. However,it also brings me many problems. We have to do so much homework that we can not get enough sleep. Instead of enjoying the wonderful weekends, we are forced to have extra classes with it. If we have more spare time, we can take part in sports and activities. Besides, we can develop hobbies and interest as well.As a middle school student, I hope my schoolbag can share my joy and happiness rather than beco(2016重慶)隨著外國游客日益增多,未來科技館決定選拔部分中學生在假期為他們提供英語講解任務??萍拣^需要應征者提交英文自薦信。假如你叫袁新,你有能力并希望成為一名講解員。請按要求寫一封自薦信。要求:1. 必須寫出三點及以上的自薦理由;2. 詞數:80~120詞,開頭和結尾已給出,不計入總詞數。參考要點:1. 擅長英語(英語水平,溝通能力……);2. 熱愛科學(科學知識,創新能力……);3. ……Dear sir,I’m a junior student from Chongqing Xinhua School. I’d like to become one of your guides. I’ve_learned_English_for_6_years._I_spend_a_lot_of_my_free_time_listening_to_English_news_and_watching_English_movies,_so_I’m_good_at_English._That_is_to_say,_it’s_not_difficut_for_me_to_talk_with_people_in_English.I_have_been_interested_in_science_since_I_was_a_child._My_favorite_books_are_on_science._Some_new_ideas_often_come_out_of_my_mind,_which_has_encouraged_me_a_lot._With_these_ideas,_I_have_made_some_small_inventions_to_make_my_life_more_comfortable.Besides,_I_feel_like_making_friends_with_different_people,_no_matter_where_they_come_from._I’m_sure_that_I_will_get_along_well_with_them.I_would_be_most_thankful_if_you_could_give_me_the_chance.Thank_you!Yours,Yuan_Xin(2016武漢)初中生活即將結束,學校英語俱樂部特邀你寫一篇英語短文,給七年級新生的學習生活提幾點建議。內容要點如下:1. 初中科目更多,好的學習方法很重要;2. 鍛煉身體,保持健康;3. 參加社團活動,使學校生活豐富;4. 多讀書,多交朋友;5. 補充一兩點個人想法。注意:1. 文中不得透露個人姓名和學校名稱;2. 詞數:60-80;短文的開頭已給出,不計入總詞數。參考詞匯:method n. 方法 club n. 社團 colorful adj. 豐富的Wel。省略部分?,F真實的人名、校名和地名;2. 詞數在80~100之間,已給出的文字不計入總詞數。Be a Student With Good MannersIt’s very important to be a person with good manners in our daily life. Last Monday morning, I went to school with my classmate Liu Tao by bus. There were many people on the bus. When an old woman got on the bus at the next stop, Liu Tao stood up and gave his seat to her. The old woman thanked Liu Tao for his kindness. I thought Liu Tao was very polite. But sometimes I see some bad manners around us. For example, some people push in before others or drop litter everywhere. As a student, we should behave well when we are in public places. And we should give a helping hand when we see someone in need.(2016連云港)為響應我市全面創建國家衛生城市的號召,某校開展了“綠色港城,健康生活”為主題的英語征文活動。請你以“The Green City, the Healthy Life” 為題,根據表格中的圖片及文字提示,簡要描述并適當發表自己的觀點,寫一篇英語短文。主題綠色港城,健康生活做法騎車出行,減少空氣污染;垃圾入箱,保持城市整潔;多種樹木,保護自然環境。你的觀點……(至少2條)注意:1. 詞數80 左右,短文開頭己給出,不計入總詞數;2. 文中不得提及考生所在學校及自己的姓名。The Green City, the Healthy LifeAs a citizen of Lianyungang, it’s our duty to help build a green city so that we can live a healthy life. We can reduce air pollution by riding bicycles. It’s better for us to put rubbish into the rubbish bin. In this way, we can keep our city clean. And we’d better plant more trees to protect the natural environment. In my opinion, I’ll try my best to make our city cleaner and more beautiful. Firstly, I can save water by taking shorter showers. Secondly, I can save energy by turning off the lights when I leave the room. In a word, everyone can do something to make a difference.(2016上海)你對明天一定有著美好的憧憬。為此,你已經做好了哪方面的準備?請結合你的經歷或特長等,選取一個角度具體談談你是如何做準備的。以“I’m Ready(我準備好了)”為題,寫一篇不少于60詞的短文。 注意:短文中不得出現任何人名、學校及其它相關信息,否則不予評分。參考詞匯:independent, be good at…, responsible, take part in…, hardworking, it helps me to…I’m ReadyHaving prepared with effort for so many years, I’m ready for my high school. Since it would be a period for the youth to experience considerable emotional, mental and physical growth, it’s important for me to prepare mentally and physically for the changes ahead. I take part in many activities and develop many hobbies. They both help me become more active and energetic than before. What’s more, I have set myself up to the academic side and learned to ignore any distraction to learning. The accumulation of all kinds of knowledge has already laid a solid foundation for my further study. In my free time, I read a lot of books, which largely broadens my horizon. I have acquired some reading skills that can help me get more information from books. Last but not the least, I can arrange my time well now and I have set up my mind to make the most use of time in the high school. I am trying to make myself better and I am really ready for my high school life.
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