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?Unit 1 How can we become good learners? Period 1 Section A 1a-1c【學習目標】1.重點單詞: textbook,conversation,aloud,pronunciation,sentence,patient flashcard vocabulary2.重點詞組: make word cards,listen to tapes,practice conversations with,at first,word by word work with friends ask the teacher for help read aloud make flashcards 3.重點句式: How do you study for a test?I study by working with a group. It’s too hard to understand the voices.The more you read,the faster you ’11 be. 【教學過程】一、導入How do you study for an English test? Maybe you have many different ways二、自學讀一讀,寫一寫 aloud pronunciation flashcard vocabulary讀一讀,譯一譯make flashcards _______________ work with friends _____________ ask the teacher for help ______________ read aloud _________________by making vocabulary lists _____________ 三、交流。同桌結對練習句型A: How do you study for a test? B: I study by working with a group.by making flashcards by working with friends by asking the teacher for help by reading aloud by making vocabulary listsMake conversations about how you study for a test四、總結1.by 的用法總結①—How do you study for a test? I study by working with a group.② We usually go to school by bike.③English is spoken by many people.I study English by leaning to sing English songs. “by+V-ing表示”__________I went to Beijing by train. “by+交通工具”表示__________I must be in bed by ten o’clock. “by+時間”表示 __________I am sitting by the pool and drinking orange juice. “by+地點”表示__________跟蹤練習 1) He goes to school bike.A. by B. on C. in D. at2) -- How do you study English so well? By lots of books.A. read B. look C. watching D. reading2. 區別aloud/loud/loudlyaloud出聲地;大聲地。常與read/call/call, /shout, /cry等詞連用,不用于比較級;(Don’t read aloud in the library.) loud高聲地;大聲地;喧鬧地。指說話聲和笑聲,常與talk/speak/laugh/sing等詞連用,常用于比較級;( We can’t hear you. Please speak louder.)loudly高聲地;喧鬧地??梢院蚻oud互換,但含有“吵鬧”的意思,不悅耳。( I feel very annoyed when they argue loudly.)跟蹤練習①老師要求我大聲朗讀課文。The teacher asked me to the text .②請大聲點說,以便我能聽清楚。Please so that I can hear you clearly.③不要這么大聲,嬰兒在睡覺。Don’t so . The baby is sleeping.(3) practice doing sth. 練習做某事 eg. We practice __________ English every day.(我們每天練習說英語。) 五、練評一、根據句意及首字母,寫出下列單詞的正確形式1、I study English words by making word c ____ .2、I like reading a ____ to p ____ pronunciation.3、He often studies by l ____ to tapes.4、Have you ever j ____ an English club to improve your English?5、Do you learn English by w English-language TV?二、單項選擇。1. ----- This math problem is _____ hard for me to understand. Can you help me ? ----Sure. It’s my pleasure.A. very B. too C. quiet D. rather2. “Does Kate often practice ______ the violin after school?” “ Yes, she does.”A. playing B. to play C. played D. play3. Alice hasn’t。省略部分。doing graduate courage encourage get ahead ,drop out,并能熟練應用。2、讓學生熟練掌握現在完成時的用法,能準確應用于寫作等練習中,并能夠較為準確的介紹自己三年的初中學習情況。3、理解下列句型:(1)My time at junior high school has been mostly good. (2)In the first year,I made some good friends,and have a lot of fun. (3)My friends and teachers have helped me to be more confident.過程與方法: Read Write Groupwork情感態度與價值觀:1、培養學生樂善好施的良好品質,鼓勵學生做一名義務志愿者。2、培養學生要勇于挑戰自己,完善自己的意識。三、預習任務:Task one 預習并完成下列句子。1.My parents are p________ of me.2. Tom can’t go to school because of the ________(疾病).3.Wewill g____from the middle school next year.[ww#w.zz*^ste&[email protected]]4. Mary is a beautiful girl with ________ (金色的) hair.5. Yesterday I ________ (爭吵) with my brother.6. I am c ________ of myself. 7. I remember being e __________ by Mrs Parker goldenTask two把下列漢語句子翻譯成英語[來^源%:&@中~教網]1. 醫生要求我爸爸戒煙The doctor asked my father_____________________________.2. 一些年輕人不相信這個故事。 Some young people don’t _____________.3. 你還要喝點別的什么嗎? Would you like ______________________?4. 你應該與家人一起度過更多的時間。You should ______________with your family.5. 他一點兒也不喜歡長頸鹿。He doesn’t ____________________________________四、預習診斷: (一)翻譯下列短語。1.在期末考試中____________2.使父母為我驕傲____________3. 盼望畢業______________ 4. 通過升學考試____________ _ 5.盡力實現目標_______________ 6. 全力以赴_______________(二)翻譯下列句子并理解加粗短語。1、My friends and teachers have helped me to be more confident。 2 、I know that I have the ability to do good work。 3、I’m very happy that I’m no longer bottom of the class. 4、Have you faced any of the problems in the box below?五.預習質疑:Unit14 Period 6 限時作業(時間:10分鐘 分值:100分)一、根據首字母提示完成單詞并完成句子。(30分)1.I really want to know the i___________ of education. 2.His father works hard to s________ the family. 3.Don’t q__________ with your classmates.4.They have some ____________(difficult) in getting to the top of the mountain.5. We all hope __________ (do) well in the f________exam.二 單項選擇。(30分)1. Do you remember _______ the movie star sometime last month?A. meet B. meeting C. to meet D. met2. We had a lot of fun _________ the problems.A. to solve B. solve C. solving D. solved3.He has a little difficulty _________ the math problem. A .work out B. worked out C. to work out D. working out4.The old woman lives _______,but she doesn’t feel ________. A.alone; alone B. lonely; lonely C. alone;lonely D. lonely;alone5.I _____ have problems ________ English, but I can do it well now. A.was used to; to speak B. used to ; speaking C. was used to; speaking D. used to ; to speak三.根據漢語完成句子(40分)1. In the first year, I _______ _______ _______________.(交了許多好朋友)2.我有能力做好工作。I have the ________ ________ _______ _______ _______.3. 自從上八年級以來,我變得更加自信了。 I _________ __________ ___________ ____since Grade 8.4. 我很高興我不再是班里的最后一名了。 I’m very happy that I’m _________ __________ ________ of the class.5. 我想要讓我的父母為我感到驕傲。 I want to ______ my parents and teachers _____ _____ me.
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