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?九年級英語單元復習資料 Unit 1 How do you study for a test ?一. 重點詞組短語:1.end up 結束;終結2.not at all 根本不,全然不3.make mistakes 犯錯誤4.later on 以后;隨后5.be afraid of 害怕6.laugh at 嘲笑;取笑7.take notes 做筆記;做記錄8.look up(在詞典中)查閱(詞或詞組)9.make up 組成;構成10.deal with 處理;應付11.be angry with對……感到生氣;憤怒12.go by (指時間)消逝;過去13.try one’s best 盡力做……14.break off 突然中斷15.to begin with 以…開始16.get the pronunciation right使發音正確17.first of all 首先18.have trouble doing sth. 做…有麻煩19.decide to do sth. 決定干某事20.the secrets of … ……的秘訣21.make conversations 編對話22.solve a problem 解決問題23.regard…as… 把……當作……24.compare…to… 與……比較25.around the world在全世界范圍內26.native speakers 講本土語言的人27.more specific suggestions更多特別建議28.read English magazines看英語雜志29.for example 例如30.pop songs 流行歌曲31.study grammar 學語法32.watch English movies看英文電影33.join the English club參加英語俱樂部34.not…at all 根本不,一點也不35.Not at all沒關系/別客氣, 不用謝36.be excited令人興奮的 (主語是人)be exciting (主語是物)37.doasurvey(about…)做……調查38.keep an English notebook整理英語筆記39.watch English-language TV看英文電視40.first of all 首先begin with= start with 以……開始end with 以…….結束later on 稍后,以后,隨后41.be afraid to do…害怕去做……42.laugh at sb. 嘲笑/取笑某人43.make sentences with…用……造句44.the secrets of………的秘訣/秘密45.take notes 做筆記語言目標:1.How do you study for tests?2.I study by working with my classmates.I study by making vocabulary lists.I study by listening to tapes .I study by asking the teacher for help .3.Have you ever studied with a group ?4.Yes , I have . I ‘ve learned a lot that way .5.I don’t have a partner to practice English with .6.Maybe you should join an English club .7.The best way to learn English is by reading ….8.What about reading aloud to practice pronunciation?9.We get excited about something and then end up speaking in Chinese .10. She had trouble making complete sentences .11. Time goes by ,and friendships may be lost .12. By comparing yourself to other people ,you will find your problems are not so terrible .13. Why don’t you …?why not …?14..Why don’t you join an English language club to practice speaking English ?# Why don’t you+動詞原形…=Why not +動詞原形…? 為什么不…….?# practice doing 練習干……15..I don’t have a partner to practice English with.=I practice English without a partnerDifficult sentences for 3a:16..This week asked students at New Star High School about the best ways to learn more English.(ask sb. about sth. 問某人關于某事)17..She said that memorizing the words of pop songs helped a little . eg. Seeing is believing. 百聞不如一見.18..He’s been learning English for six years and really loves it.他一直學英語六年了,十分喜歡它.(現在完成進行時)19.I make mistakes in grammar.我在語法方面出錯.Wang Lin is weak in Chinese but 。省略部分。ys.A. on the B. on C. in the D. in( )5. It’s necessary ________ her for help.A. ask B. asking C. asked D. to ask( )6. When ______ you graduate ______ high school?A. do, from B. did, from C. do, off D. did, away( )7. I made up my mind _______ a teacher,.A. to be B. being C. be D. am( )8. ----Look! What is she doing?----She is busy ______ a letter.A. write B. writing C. wrote D. written( )9. When she saw it happen, she called the police ______ her mobile phone at once.A. in B. on C. at D. of( )10. ----It seems that old man feels ______. Let’s go over and talk with him.-----You’d better let him ______, or you may get into trouble.A. alone, lonely B. alone, alone C. lonely, lonely D. lonely, alone( )11. She really feels like _______ tomatoes.A. eating B. to eat C. eat D. eatting( )12. It’s difficult _________ out the maths problem.A. of him working B. of him to work C. for him work D. for him to work( )13. Tom has caught ________.A. a bit of cold B. a bit cold C. a bit of a cold D. bit of a cold( )14. You are just ______ for the match. Please come and join us.A. at times B. in time C. at the time D. on time( )15. _______ up early is good for your health.A. Get B. Got C. to getting D. to get( )16. She will be back from London ________.A. long ago B. for long C. before long D. long before( )17. We were made _______ games for about an hour by them.A. play B. to play C. playing D. played( )18. What can ______ stop the pollution?A. they do B. do by them to C. done by them to D. be done to( )19. The world’s population will pass 6 billion ______the end ______ this century.A. by, of B. of, by C. by, by D. to, to( )20. ----Has he seen the film ________? -----Yes, he has ______ seen it.A. ever, already B. just, just C. already, yet D. yet, just( )21. _______ you study, ______ you’ll do.A. The harder; the better B. The hard; the best C. Hard; good D. The hard; the better( )22. Neither his teacher nor Li Ping ________.A. have returned B. has returned C. have returned back D. has returned back四.改錯( )1. There are some holes on his coat. ___________A B C D( )2. Who will teach our English next term. ____________A B C D( )3. Everyone of us likes reading story-books. ____________A B C D( )4. She is often heard sing in her room. ____________A B C D( )5. Li Lei with his brother often go to the zoo on Sundays. ____________A B C D
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