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?淄川實驗中學2020級月考英語試題一. 聽力選擇(一) 錄音中有五個句子,每個句子聽一遍,然后從每小題A.B.C中選出適合每個句子的答語。1.A.Thank you B.With pleasure C.Very well2.A.I’ll do that B.Yes, please. C.The same to you3.A.Yes,you are right. B.I’m glad you like it C. Never mind4.A. Sorry ,I don’t know B.Certainly. Good idea C. Sure. No problem5.A.That’s right. B. You are welcome . C. I’m afraid I can’t(二) 對話理解 從A.B.C三個答案中選出一個與你所聽到的每段對話內容相符的問題的答案。聽一遍。6. Where is Jim now ?A. At home. B. In the library . C. At the cinema7. How does the girl go to school ?A. By car B. On foot C. By bike8. What do they think about the radio ?A. Noisy B. Big C. Cheap9. When will Li Lei arrive ?A. At 6:35 B. At 5:55 C. At 5:4010. Why can Kate not go to the park ?A. Because she has to do the washing B. Because she is ill C. Because she is afraid(三)聽下面一段對話,聽完對話兩遍后,你將看到5個有關該對話內容的問題,請從題中所給的A.B.C三個選項中選出最佳答案。11. What does the man like ?A Watchibg videos. B. Talking C. Reading books12. What is the man’s favorite film?A. Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland B. Aladdin C.Finding Nemo.13. Has the woman seen the film Finding Nemo ?A. Yes B. No C. Not mentioned (提到)in the dialogue.14. Has the woman read the book Finding Nemo ?A. Yes B. No C. Not mentioned in the dialogue.15.Which book does the man like bestA. Finding Nemo B. Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland C. He doesn’t like any books.(四)錄音中有一篇短文,聽短文兩遍,然后從每小題A.B.C中選出能回答每個問題的正確答案。16. Who is speaking?A. An answerphone (自動應答錄音電話機). B. A manager C. A policeman17. What is the new phone number ?A. 8478966 B.8478698 C. 847869618. What are the business hours of the travel office?A. From 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. B. From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. C. From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.19. What present can you get if your holiday costs $500?A. A travel bag B. A free ticket C. A special price20. What do we know about the North Seas Travel Office?A. It’s a little difficult to find its new address. B. It gives every traveller a present.C. It has many holidays at special prices.注意:請同學們翻到第Ⅱ卷,繼續做第五大題——聽力填表。二、單項填空 (共15小題,計15分)( )21. Joe is so careful that she makes _________ mistakes in her work.A. many B. little C. few D. a little( )22. As we know, paper is made ________ wood , that is to say wood is made ______ paper.A. of, from B. in, into C. from, into D. from, by( )23. — Excuse me, but I don’t think you can smoke here.— Really sorry. I _____ this is a non-smoking room.A. don’t B. have no idea C. haven’t known D. didn’t know( )24. The doctor did what he could _____ old man at first.A. calm B. to calm C. calming D. calms( )25. October1st, 1949 is the day ________ we’ll never forget.A. on that B. on which C. that D. when( )26. I don’t think _____ little girl can know_______ many words.A. so a, so 。省略部分。83.______________________________________________________________84._______________________________________________________________(三) 請給短文擬一個適當的標題。85. ______________________________________________________得分評卷人九、完成句子(共4小題,計6分)根據漢語意思用英語完成句子,將答案寫在橫線上。86.肯定有什么東西光顧我們附近的家園。There must be something __________ the homes in our _______________.87 .他就如何學好英語給我們提了一些建議。He gave us some _____________ ___________how to learn English well. 88. 我們呼吁所有的讀者都去參觀動物園。I ______all of your readers _________ _________ our zoo soon.89.他不想讓他的朋友們失望。 得分評卷人十、 書面表達(共1題,計15分)我們學校開設了“中學生論壇”, 請你結合自己的初中生活和真實感受, 以A good teacher in my eyes 為題寫一篇短文, 發表在論壇上。要求:1. 題材不限, 議論文、記敘文都可以;2. 文中不能出現作者本人的真實信息;3. 詞數80左右。A good teacher in my eyes英語試題參考答案及評分標準一、聽力選擇(共20小題,計20分)每小題1分,與答案不符者不得分。1—5 ABCBA 6—10 BCACC 11—15 CCABA 16—20 BACCC二、單項填空(共15小題,計15分)每小題1分,與答案不符者不得分。21—25 CCDBC 26—30 DDBDD 31—35 BCDDB三、完形填空(共10小題,計10分)每小題1分,與答案不符者不得分。36—40 CABDB 41—45 CDCAD四、閱讀理解(共15小題,計24分)46--57小題每小題1.5分,58--60小題每小題2分,與答案不符者不得分。46—49 BDCB 50—53 DCAB 54—57 DCAD 58—60 ABD五、聽力填表(共5小題,計5分)每小題1分,與答案不符者不得分。61. living things 62. everywhere 63. water/ small drops of water64. life 65. importance六、單詞拼寫(共5小題,計5分) 每小題1分,與答案不同但能使整個句子結構完整、有實際意義者同樣得分。66. energetic 67. Throwing 68. expressions 69.polluted 70.pretending七、綜合填空(共10小題,計10分)每小題1分,與答案不同但能使整個句子結構完整、在整篇文章中有實際意義者同樣得分。不能使整篇文章意思連貫而僅僅使一個單句有意義的答案不得分。71. to 72. wrong 73. that 74. with 75. few76. what 77. by 78. than 79. use 80. example八、閱讀表達 (共5小題,計10分) 雖與答案表達方式不同,但與所給參考答案意思一致,無語言錯誤,也可得分。81. They first pick up bad habits in the school or on the street.82. Because if they have bad habits, when they get bigger, the habits will become stronger and stronger, it is difficult to get rid of them.83. 壞習慣一點點地在人們還沒有意識到危險的時候養成了。84. 從抄襲作業, 他學會了偷竊;從賭博,他學會了欺騙。85. How Bad Habits Come九、完成句子(共4小題,計6分)前8個空每空0.5分,與答案不符者不得分。第89小題2分,雖與答案表達方式不同,但能表達出漢語句子的意思,無語言錯誤,也可得分。86. visiting, neighborhood 87. advice, on 88. urge to visit89. He doesn’t let his friends down.十、 書面表達(共1題,計15分)參考答案:In my eyes, Mr Li is really a good teacher. He teaches us maths, At first, I was afraid of maths, and thought it was boring. It was Mr Li who changed my mind. In his math class, he helped us try to find the answers to the questions in different ways. Little by little, I found maths was getting interesting . Now I’m good at it.Mr Li is not only a teacher but also a good friend of ours. He often chats with us and tells jokes. We all like him and his maths class.根據內容要點、語言表達和卷面書寫情況分檔次評分:1、 優秀 12—15分內容要點齊全,語言準確,行文連貫,表達清楚。句式富于變化,詞句優美。卷面整潔,字跡清楚、規范。2、較好 8—11分內容要點基本齊全,語言基本準確,行文基本連貫,表達基本清楚,詞匯、語法錯誤不多。卷面較整潔,字跡清楚。3、一般 4—7分寫出部分要點,語言表達錯誤較多,但尚能達意。卷面較潦草凌亂,字跡欠規范。4、較差 0—3分內容要點嚴重不足,語言表達錯誤很多,語句支離破碎,很難看出要求表達的意思。卷面臟亂,字跡難以辨認。
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